Code of Conduct

"The ongoing success of NAC, is a direct result of our unfailing insistence that all dealings with customers, suppliers, and employees be deeply rooted in integrity. To achieve this distinction, all NAC personnel regard their "word as their bond.” NAC management knows that we can have neither honor nor integrity without the truth, and we impress this important value upon our personnel. We of NAC pledge to all with whom we deal, be they customer, supplier, fellow employee, or employer, strict adherence to this philosophy, and we will not compromise this guiding principal in any way. Truth is integrity's inseparable companion, and we shall not in any way dilute or contaminate the precise definition of the word.

Note: “Truth be told, most dream of performing acts of heroism, i.e. rescuing babies/pets from a burning home or military acts of valor, earning them the Medal of Honor. In order that one not miss these real life opportunities, it is necessary to build and practice your courage. It takes courage to tell the truth. If a person doesn't practice telling the truth, then when the real challenges in life come, that person will run. Do not forget that those who lack courage or "cut and run" -the liars- are not known as heroes but instead as cowards.”

George and Elisabeth Hasley